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Liverpool Innovation Park Officially the City’s first Business Neighbourhood

Posted by Maresa Molloy in News 31 Oct 2013

On 18th October 2013 Liverpool City Council approved an application to designate Liverpool Innovation Park as a Business Neighbourhood area. The decision allows the shadow Neighbourhood Forum leading the process to begin a full consultation to determine how the local business
community wish to see the area developed.

A full neighbourhood plan would outline a vision for the area, identify key development sites and ultimately guide the future development and regeneration of the area.  A Neighbourhood Development Order could also be granted that would allow certain development projects to go ahead within specific sites, removing the need for arduous planning applications.
The designated area includes the Wavertree Technology Park and the former Littlewoods building.  Now the area has been formally designated, the forum must also apply for approval and will undergo a separate consultation process.  The forum is open to anyone living, working or doing business within the designated area.

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