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Growing the neighbourhood planning movement

Posted by Maresa Molloy in News 31 Oct 2013

The role of Neighbourhood Planning Champions

In October 2013 , the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) appointed 41 Neighbourhood Planning Champions from across the country.  The Champions are all working closely with the neighborhood planning frontrunners and have been asked to use their direct experience to encourage and enthuse others about the benefits of neighbourhood planning.

The role will involve speaking at events, reaching out to networks and colleagues in other areas and influencing a wider audience though social networks. In return the Champions will be supported with up to date information and resources that they can share, they will receive peer to peer support, training and have regular contact with DCLG.

Maresa Molloy, Director of MMPA and neighbourhood Planning Champion said “having worked with a frontrunner I think it’s really important to share what we have learnt with others, to prove that creating a plan for your neighbourhood is achievable”.  She continues “This role
also enables the Champions to provide feedback and intelligence to DCLG about how neighbourhood planning is functioning on the ground”


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